D. J. Bernstein

Mathematics and computer science

Computer hardware: chip speed, buying computers, etc.
Data structures and program structures: cdb, etc.
UNIX: daemontools, portability notes, security-holes course, etc.
Time: clockspeed, etc.

High-speed cryptography
Fast arithmetic: djbfft, multapps survey, mult benchmarks, coprimes, etc.
Discrete logarithms
Error-correcting codes: McEliece cryptosystem, list decoding, etc.
Hash functions and ciphers: Snuffle 2005, eSTREAM notes, etc.
Authenticators and signatures: Poly1305, Curve25519, etc.
Integer factorization: smooth parts, factoring circuits, etc.
More number-theoretic computations: primegen, primetests survey, etc.
More mathematics: reviews, Putnam solutions, etc.

TCP/IP: ucspi-tcp, SYN cookies, etc.
Internet publication: djbdns, the IPv6 mess, publicfile, etc.
Internet mail: reference manual, qmail, etc.
Internet surveys

Credits and miscredits
Bibliography: entries, eprint.iacr.org mirror, etc.
Notes on writing papers: call to action, devil's guide to citing, etc.

Law and public policy

Bernstein v. United States
Fighting patents: Dear Ms. Tarzian, etc.
Placing work into the public domain
SPDX identifiers for simple public-domain dedications
Software user's rights

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

Communicating with cr.yp.to

Mailing lists at cr.yp.to
Internet reader's rights
Mirrors and translations
Frequently asked questions from distributors
The cr.yp.to servers

About the author

Curriculum vitae
Positions: employers, grants, time commitments
Donations: Writing Fund, Legal Fund
Acknowledgments: positions, Writing Fund, Legal Fund
Conferences: my trip to Russia, etc.
Contact information
What it's like to work at UIC
Authorship policies


Index of courses taught at UIC
Index of formal scientific papers
Index of software