D. J. Bernstein

What it's like to work at UIC

MSCS grant mismanagement, part 1: hiding cost information (2005)
MSCS grant mismanagement, part 2: ignoring PI payment requests (2005)
MSCS grant mismanagement, part 3: ignoring sponsor rules (2005)
MSCS grant mismanagement, part 4: making payments not requested by the PI (2005)
MSCS grant mismanagement, part 5: hiding grant accounts (2005)
The Statement of Economic Interests (2005)
$8860/year for health insurance (2008)

In 1995 I joined the Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science (MSCS) in UIC's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Ten years later I decided that grant mismanagement in MSCS was sufficiently severe as to warrant public web pages describing various incidents, the five "MSCS grant mismanagement" subpages listed above.

It's another ten years later at the time of this writing (2015), and I'm happy to report that grants are managed much more smoothly in the Department of Computer Science (CS) in UIC's College of Engineering. At this point I also have more perspective on the remarkable range of grant mismanagement that one can find in various departments at other universities.

I also have a few subpages here documenting other interesting incidents regarding UIC.