D. J. Bernstein

Error-correcting codes

Smaller decoding exponents: ball-collision decoding

Cryptographic constructions

[wild] 18pp. (PDF) Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange, Christiane Peters. Wild McEliece. Document ID: 69b9a7e1df30d1cd1aaade333b873601. URL: https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#wild. Date: 2010.10.07. Supersedes: (PDF) 2010.07.21.

[rfsb] 19pp. (PDF) Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange, Christiane Peters, Peter Schwabe. Really fast syndrome-based hashing. Document ID: 067a9e99992a54f43b7f859c81b25d16. URL: https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#rfsb. Date: 2011.05.08. Supersedes: (PDF) 2011.02.14. (PDF) 2011.02.22.

[wild2] 13pp. (PDF) Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange, Christiane Peters. Wild McEliece incognito. Document ID: cd39ef08c48d12b29da6b9db66559c41. URL: https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#wild2. Date: 2011.09.15.

List-decoding algorithms

[goppalist] 18pp. (PDF) Daniel J. Bernstein. List decoding for binary Goppa codes. Document ID: 210ecf064c479a278ab2c98c379f72e0. URL: https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#goppalist. Date: 2011.03.03. Supersedes: (PDF) 2008.07.06. (PDF) 2008.11.07. (PDF) 2011.02.23.

[simplelist] 17pp. (PDF) Daniel J. Bernstein. Simplified high-speed high-distance list decoding for alternant codes. Document ID: f529c2ab14c4ec22244b0a3f0190089b. URL: https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#simplelist. Date: 2011.09.15. Supersedes: (PDF) 2011.03.20.

Attack algorithms and parameter selection

Ball-collision decoding is on a separate page.

[mceliece] 16pp. (PDF) Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange, and Christiane Peters. Attacking and defending the McEliece cryptosystem. Document ID: 7868533f20f51f8d769be2aa464647c9. URL: https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#mceliece. Date: 2008.08.07. Supersedes: (PDF) 2008.07.22.

[fsbday] 21pp. (PDF) Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange, Ruben Niederhagen, Christiane Peters, Peter Schwabe. FSBday: implementing Wagner's generalized birthday attack against the SHA-3 round-1 candidate FSB. Document ID: ded1984108ff55330edb8631e7bc410c. URL: https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#fsbday. Date: 2009.10.03. Supersedes: (PDF) 2009.06.17. (PDF) 2009.09.01.

[grovercode] 8pp. (PDF) Daniel J. Bernstein. Grover vs. McEliece. Document ID: e2bbcdd82c3e967c7e3487dc945f3e87. URL: https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#grovercode. Date: 2010.03.03. Supersedes: (PDF) 2009.11.23.

[2reg] 18pp. (PDF) Daniel J. Bernstein, Tanja Lange, Christiane Peters, Peter Schwabe. Faster 2-regular information-set decoding. Document ID: c6c2347b09f3864994aefae5f5b6e7be. URL: https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#2reg. Date: 2011.03.09.