D. J. Bernstein

Internet mail


qmail: send and receive Internet mail

dot-forward: use .forward from qmail
ezmlm: manage mailing lists under qmail
fastforward: use /etc/aliases and other forwarding tables from qmail
qmailanalog: analyze qmail's activity record
serialmail: pass mail across serial links

mess822: parse Internet mail messages

Reference manuals

Internet mail infrastructure
SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
Internet mail message header format

Security, reliability, efficiency

Mail disasters
Abuse of Internet e-mail
Some bounces handled by ezmlm
A modest proposal for reducing mail traffic
VERPs: Variable Envelope Return Paths
Tools in the war on mail loops

UNIX interfaces

The /etc/mta configuration switch
Using maildir format

More mail-transfer protocols

Internet Mail 2000

8-bit text messages
QMQP: Quick Mail Queueing Protocol
QMTP: Quick Mail Transfer Protocol

More message formats

Mail-Followup-To and Mail-Reply-To
QSBMF: The qmail-send Bounce Message Format
HCMSSC: The Hash Convention for Mail System Status Codes