D. J. Bernstein
Internet mail


The latest published mess822 package is mess822-0.58.tar.gz.

What is it?

mess822 is a library for parsing Internet mail messages. The mess822 package contains several applications that work with qmail:

mess822 supports the full complexity of RFC 822 address lists, including address groups, source routes, spaces around dots, etc. It also supports common RFC 822 extensions: backslashes in atoms, dots in phrases, addresses without host names, etc. It extracts each address as an easy-to-use string, with a separate string for the accompanying comment.

mess822 converts RFC 822 dates into libtai's struct caltime format. It supports numeric time zones, the standard old-fashioned time zones, and many nonstandard time zones.

mess822 is fast. For example, extracting 10000 addresses from a 160KB To field takes less than a second on a Pentium-100.