D. J. Bernstein
Fast arithmetic

Factoring into coprimes


[dcba] 30pp. (PDF) (PS) (DVI) D. J. Bernstein. Factoring into coprimes in essentially linear time. Journal of Algorithms 54 (2005), 1-30. Document ID: f32943f0bb67a9317d4021513f9eee5a. URL: https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#dcba. Date: 2004.04.04. Supersedes: (PDF) (PS) (DVI) 1998.01.08.

[dcba2] 4pp. (PDF) (PS) (DVI) D. J. Bernstein. Research announcement: Faster factorization into coprimes. Document ID: 53a2e278e21bcbb7287b81c563995925. URL: https://cr.yp.to/papers.html#dcba2. Date: 2004.11.03. Supersedes: (PDF) (PS) (DVI) 2004.10.09.

Relevant talks: 1997.11.19, ``Factoring into coprimes in essentially linear time.'' 2000.09.07 (slides available), ``Factoring into coprimes.'' 2004.11.19 (slides available), ``Faster factorization into coprimes.'' 2006.11.19 (slides available), ``Faster factorization into coprimes.''

Proof-of-concept software

Proof-of-concept software to factor integers into coprimes in essentially linear time

Examples and applications of factoring into coprimes

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