D. J. Bernstein

Data structures and program structures

Crit-bit trees
Rebuilding target files when source files have changed


MCS 260, Spring 2001
MCS 275, Fall 1997
MCS 275, Spring 1999
MCS 275, Fall 2001
MCS 401 and EECS 460, Fall 1998
MCS 501 and CS 501, Spring 2002
MCS 501 and CS 501, Computer Algorithms II, Fall 2005
MCS 541, Computational Complexity, Fall 1999


cdb: create and read constant databases


[huptrie] D. J. Bernstein. Saving space and time in hash tries.

[zeroseek] D. J. Bernstein. A fast journaling filesystem.

[decompress] D. J. Bernstein. Data decompression.