D. J. Bernstein

Index of software

Software by name

array C interface
buffer_get C interface
buffer_put C interface
byte C interface
caldate C interface
caltime C interface
cdb package: create and read constant databases
cdb C interface
checkpassword package: check UNIX passwords
clockspeed package: adjust the speed of the system clock
daemontools package: manage UNIX services
dcba-concept C++ interface: factor integers into coprimes
djbdns package: retrieve and publish Domain Name System information
djbfft package: compute power-of-2 complex DFTs
dns C interface
dns_domain C interface
dns_packet C interface
dns_random C interface
dns_transmit C interface
dnsroot package: maintain a local Domain Name System root
dot-forward package: use .forward from qmail
ezmlm package: manage mailing lists under qmail
fastforward package: use /etc/aliases and other forwarding tables from qmail
focus package: enumerate locally square values of polynomials
ftpparse package: parse FTP LIST responses
hash127 package: compute a secure secret-key authenticator
io C interface
iopause C interface
libtai package: store and manipulate dates and times
mess822 package: parse Internet mail messages
nistp224 package: share secret keys using the NIST P-224 elliptic curve
npthread C interface
open C interface
pathexec C interface
primegen package: generate prime numbers (in order)
Psibound package: compute bounds on smooth numbers
publicfile package: publish files through FTP and HTTP
qmail package: send and receive Internet mail
qmailanalog package: analyze qmail's activity record
serialmail package: pass mail across serial links
sigs package: create and verify public-key signatures
smallfactors package: find all small prime divisors
socket C interface
sortedsums package: enumerate solutions to some equations
stralloc C interface
tai C interface
taia C interface
threecubes package: find small sums of three cubes
timeoutconn C interface
ucspi-tcp package: create and accept TCP connections
uint16 C interface
uint32 C interface
Zmodexp package: compute modular integer powers
Zmult package: compute integer products