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Brad Knowles's slander

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Brad Knowles, 1998.07.30, in response to someone commenting that ``CIAC/CERT hasn't made any announcements on qmail'': ``They haven't issued a warninge *yet*, but appear to be discussing one. ... they are discussing whether or not to issue a CERT Alert on the *style* of code that Dan uses in qmail.''

Brad Knowles, 1998.07.30, in response to someone asking ``Where can this CERT alert be found?'': ``It's under discussion. It hasn't been released, yet (at least, not so far as I know).''

Facts: Knowles is lying. I asked CERT whether there was any truth to Knowles's claims; Shawn Hernan wrote back: ``To the best of my knowledge and to the best of Jeff Carpenter's knowledge, the answer is "no." We lead the vulnerability handling and incident handling teams here at CERT respectively; one of us would know if there were any discussions regarding an advisory. We're not even sure what advisory regarding the "style" of code would even mean.''

Brad Knowles, 1998.07.30: ``... have "the most flexible macro programming language in the world, called C -- just tell me what you need." (to quote Dan).''

Facts: Knowles is lying. This ``quote'' is not something I ever said.