D. J. Bernstein
Internet mail

Changes in recent versions

For a complete list of changes, see CHANGES in qmail-1.03.tar.gz.

Changes in 1.03

The installation instructions have been reorganized and simplified.

The package includes the installation tools necessary for a precompiled var-qmail package.

The QMQP client and server are now supported.

There are two new filtering tools: bouncesaying and except.

qmail-remote allows unbracketed IP addresses in MX records.

qmail-smtpd compensates for more forms of SMTP garbage.

Changes in 1.02

Run-time documentation appears in /var/qmail/doc.

The INSTALL.* files have been reorganized and rewritten.

There is a new user-oriented /var/qmail/doc/SENDMAIL, replacing the qmail-upgrade man page.

Extra details have been added to error messages throughout the package.

The boot interface has been reorganized and simplified; qmail-start is invoked from /var/qmail/rc. Several rc samples are supplied in /var/qmail/boot, including proc+df to support .forward and procmail.

qmail-inject can create Mail-Followup-To automatically. All you have to do is (1) make a list, $HOME/.lists, of the mailing lists you've subscribed to, and (2) set $QMAILMFTFILE to $HOME/.lists.

The package includes an experimental QMQP client/server pair.

qmail-send prints status lines for the forthcoming daemontools status-monitoring system.

qmail-local provides more environment variables: $HOST2, $HOST3, $HOST4, $DEFAULT.

qmail-pw2u has a -/ option to support a .qmail- directory.

qmail-pop3d supports LAST.

qmail-pop3d moves non-deleted messages from new/ to cur/, chopping filenames at colons for UIDL.

qmail-smtpd and qmail-qmtpd support a fast morercpthosts database, supplementing rcpthosts.

qmail-smtpd and qmail-qmtpd support a databytes limit, to provide permanent errors for long messages.

There is a new qmail-tcpok utility to clear the tcpto database.

qmail-remote no longer does a CNAME lookup on the sender address, and no longer waits for a QUIT response.

qmail-smtpd allows more forms of SMTP garbage: addresses outside brackets from Windows CE; incorrect spacing from a few obscure clients.

The sendmail clone now supports -bs.

virtualdomains supports individual virtual users. recipientmap is gone.

qlist has been moved to a separate package.