D. J. Bernstein
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How to install hash127

Like any other piece of software (and information generally), hash127 comes with NO WARRANTY.


Download the hash127 package. The latest published hash127 package is hash127-0.70.tar.gz.

Unpack the hash127 package:

     gunzip hash127-0.70.tar
     tar -xf hash127-0.70.tar
     cd hash127-0.70

Compile the hash127 library and test programs:

As root, install the library in /usr/local:
     make setup check


Check the hashes for some sample inputs:
     ./accuracy | cmp - accuracy.exp
Normally this prints nothing.

See how fast the hashing is:


To report success:

     ( echo 'First M. Last'; cat `cat SYSDEPS`; ./speed ) \
     | mail djb-sysdeps@cr.yp.to
Replace First M. Last with your name.

Things to do if you have spare time

For a more extensive test:
     ./accuracy2 | cmp - accuracy2.exp
Normally this prints nothing. Note that this test takes about half an hour on a new workstation; it hashes 262 million messages totalling 130 billion bytes of data.

If you're interested in trying to extract the best possible speed out of hash127, you can edit conf-cc and conf-ld to select a compiler, and conf-opt to select machine-specific optimizations; then recompile.