D. J. Bernstein
Computer hardware


The department paid for grumpy, a SPARC-5; a CRT and keyboard for grumpy; muncher, a Pentium; a CRT and keyboard for muncher; an Ethernet hub; a KVM switch; and an LCD.

NSF DMS-9600083 paid for cruncher, a Pentium with a Dubner Cruncher. The Dubner Cruncher is a $2500 card that can multiply and divide large integers at supercomputer speed. NSF DMS-9600083 also paid for a CRT and keyboard for cruncher.

NSF DMS-9970409 paid for twog, an Athlon with two gigabytes of memory; some physical security hardware; and a Tripp Lite SU1000RT2U online UPS.

I paid for silverton; another LCD; and various cables.

Current purchases: another Ethernet hub; another KVM switch; another LCD; another keyboard; gggg, a Power Mac dual G4; crystal, a P4; stoneport, a dual P3; forcewall, an Athlon; and thoth, an Athlon.