D. J. Bernstein
Bernstein v. United States

Acknowledgments of donations

Challenging the current regulations

Donors to the Bernstein v. United States Legal Fund are listed here.

$1000 to $5000. Catherine A. Kouzmanoff (2003). Reinin Oyama (2003).

$500 to $1000.

$100 to $500. Andy Bradford (2002). Stuart Brainerd (2003). Joost van Baal (2004). Bruno Wolff III (2004). Robert Daniel Emerson (2005).

$50 to $100. Victor Nardo (2003). Patrick J. Campbell (2004).

Challenging the old regulations

Previous work in the case was funded primarily by donors to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

I'd like to list names of donors here. Problem: EFF has no idea which donations were aimed at my case. Retroactive solution: If you donated anything to support my case, please send me a quick note such as "I contributed through EFF." I've heard about the following donations: