D. J. Bernstein
Internet publication

How to receive a delegation from .de

Here is how to create a new second-level name under .de. These instructions assume that you are already running tinydns as a DNS server. Thanks to Frank Tegtmeyer for reporting most of the information here.

WARNING: The registrar requires that you have at least two DNS servers, and that their IP addresses not be in a single block of 256 addresses. (Reported 2001.02 and 2002.11.) If all your computers are in the same block, you will be forced to obtain third-party DNS service. This requirement is bad practice, because it ignores the costs of third-party DNS service. Consider obtaining a .com name instead.

WARNING: The registrar requires that every domain have an administrator in Germany. If you're outside Germany, consider obtaining a .com name instead.

For concreteness, these instructions assume that you're creating x.de, and that you have two computers running DNS servers, the first server on IP address and the second server on IP address

Second-level names in .de are not free. You will need to pay for the name. Current fees (November 2002) are around 15 Euro/year, depending on which company you use to register the name. These instructions assume that you use CSL to register the name.

1. Tell your DNS servers that they should answer questions for x.de, and that they should announce and as the DNS server addresses for x.de:

     cd /service/tinydns/root
     ./add-ns x.de
     ./add-ns x.de

2. On the CSL home page, click on Domains, and then on Antrag .de Domains. Then fill out the form:

3. Wait for an email message confirming creation of x.de, and another email message confirming delegation of x.de to your servers.

4. Wait for a postal bill from CSL.