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How to receive a delegation from .at

I would like to expand this page, giving step-by-step delegation instructions. Contributions are welcome.

Bernhard Wesely wrote, in October 2002:

     For a domain-registration they require the following information:
     Billing Contact (usually the provider)
     Domain Owner    (e.g. the company)
     Admin Contact   (usually the IT-department of a Company)
     Tech Contact    (technical contact, we always use the provider)
     Zone Contact    (the one responsible for the DNS-Servers)
     Nameserver      (the Nameservers)
     nic.at is capable of entering 5 nameservers per domain. There are no
     restrictions regarding the IP-Adresses of these Nameservers as long as
     they are not the same.
     If you have these informations, there is a webinterface, that can be
     found at www.nic.at, where you can enter all these Informations. Shortly
     after entering the date a script at nic.at checks the nameservers for
     the SOA records. If there are errors you get an e-mail containing an
     error-report. This means you have to enter the Resource Records into
     your nameservers before registering a domain.
     If the checks are done successfully, the domain will be entered in their
     nameservers (for example ns1.univie.ac.at). These nameserver are
     reloaded at: 10:00am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm and 10:00pm every day.

Bernhard Graf reported, in March 2005, that nic.at requires TCP service.