D. J. Bernstein

Upgrading from previous versions of daemontools

0.53 to 0.60 or 0.61

supervise no longer takes a program name as an argument. Instead it switches to the given directory and starts ./run. The options have disappeared; if you do not want ./run to be started immediately, touch ./down.

The testfilelock program is gone. You can use svok to check reliably whether supervise is running.

cyclog, fifo, errorsto and usually have been replaced by multilog, which has built-in line selection and timestamping.

accustamp and tailocal have been replaced by tai64n and tai64nlocal, with new time formats designed to encourage Y2038-compliant code.

setuser is now called setuidgid.

0.61 to 0.70

There are many internal changes. There are two new utilities, setlock (from the serialmail package) and envdir. svscan now allows a command-line /service argument.

0.70 to 0.75 or 0.76

The package now installs in /package/admin/daemontools. There are three new utilities: svscanboot, readproctitle, and pgrphack. multilog now accepts SIGALRM to force log rotation. svscan now checks for the existence of /service/blah/log rather than checking whether /service/blah is sticky.