D. J. Bernstein
LAS 100, Fall 1998

Some Internet links

UIC information

UIC maintains a list of student organizations.

You'll want to use the Class Scheduling Assistant before you register for classes next semester.

The Computer Center has written an Introduction to Student Computing. It's better than nothing.

See the UIC home page for many more links.

Sports information

There is an official World Series site, including the latest scores, live audio, and a written play-by-play for each game.

The Cubs and White Sox have their own web pages. Cubs-Sox World Series in 1999!

The NBA has web pages for the Bulls. Hopefully the lockout will end soon. News flash: The first two weeks of the season have been cancelled.

The NFL has web pages for the Bears. Not much hope here.

The real world

www.weather.com, including Chicago weather, is provided for free by the Weather Channel.

Up-to-date Chicago expressway information is available at www.travelinfo.org, with a summary just like the radio.

maps.yahoo.com has detailed maps of most of the country.

Search engines

www.yahoo.com is a human-generated table of contents for the World Wide Web.

www.altavista.com is a computer-generated index covering 125 million web pages.

www.dejanews.com is a computer-generated index of USENET articles.

For more search engines look at the bottom of http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~jrc/search.htm.