D. J. Bernstein
LAS 100, Fall 1998

What I did in class

19980824: [TH 207.] List of nominal course topics. List of orientation topics. Amount of work expected for this course and for normal courses. Introductions of students. Homework due next week: send me email with your name and list of courses. How to set up an email account. Stages in an academic career. My career.

19980826: [TH 207.] Student behavior that irritates teachers. Teacher behavior that irritates students.

19980831: [TH 207.] More teacher behavior that irritates students. What to do about bad teaching: talk to TA; talk to professor; talk to Director of Undergraduate Studies in the department; talk to campus ombudsman; write letter to department head.

19980902: [SEL 2249 computer lab.] Logging in to icarus. Running Netscape.

19980907: No class.

19980909: [TH 207.] Facilities available in CCC, CIU.

19980914: [TH 207.] Pictures of encryption, secret-key encryption, fingerprints, public-key encryption, public-key signatures.

19980916: [TH 207.] Some common Internet services with security holes. How the Internet works.

19980921: [TH 207.] Internet computers: routers, servers, clients. Picture of client converting domain names to IP addresses. More about DNS. Common Internet connection speeds.

19980923: [SEL 2263 computer lab.] Setting up a web page.

19980928: [Electronic Learning Laboratory, across from the circulation desk on the first floor of the Main Library.] Library workshop.

19980930: [TH 207.] My lawsuit against the federal government.

19981005: [SEL 2249 computer lab.]

19981007: [TH 207.] How to lie with statistics.

19981012: [TH 207.] How to get into credit card debt.

19981014: [SEL 2249 computer lab.]

19981019: [TH 207.] Questions and answers about chemistry.

19981021: [TH 207.] Presentation from Academic Center for Excellence.

19981026: [SEL 2249 computer lab.]

19981028: [TH 207.] Presentation from Wellness Center.