Poly1305-AES for the PowerPC under MacOS X D. J. Bernstein
Authenticators and signatures
A state-of-the-art message-authentication code

Poly1305-AES for the PowerPC under MacOS X

poly1305aes_macos is a Poly1305-AES implementation aimed at the PowerPC 7410 (G4) and PowerPC 7450 (G4e) running MacOS X. It's also the best option right now for the PowerPC 970 (G5) running MacOS X.

Requirements: poly1305aes_macos must be run on a PowerPC CPU, under MacOS X (as opposed to, e.g., AIX), inside a 32-bit program. It sets the CPU's floating-point mode to round-to-nearest; programs must not assume that the floating-point mode is preserved by function calls.

Here are the poly1305aes_macos files:

Supplementary files useful for timing:

If you want to know how fast the code is, see my separate page of speed tables. If you want a rough idea of how the code works, see poly1305aes_53. If you want to know what improvements are possible in poly1305aes_macos, see the poly1305aes_aix discussion.