D. J. Bernstein
Internet mail

Who's using qmail

Beta testing for qmail began in January 1996. Gamma testing began in August 1996. Version 1.00 was released in February 1997.
SMTP server statistics: The Internet had approximately 1791 SMTP servers running qmail in March 1997; 4078 SMTP servers running qmail in August 1997; 352000 SMTP servers running qmail in October 2000; and 717000 SMTP servers running qmail in October 2001.
``We're now a 100% Qmail-based ISP ... No sendmail here.'' Mike Scher

``Our busiest list is about 250 messages X 1800 subscribers (avg mail deliveries: 450,000 transactions per day). Sendmail was barfing badly on this, and qmail seems to be doing real well. The machine is a Pentium 90 running Linux 2.0.13 with 64Mb of RAM. I have the spawn limit set at 100. I am *very* impressed.'' Bill Weinman

``Just an observation that qmail handled quite well the large backlog created by the AOL outage yesterday... If I'd been using my usual sendmail setup the couple of thousand message backlog for AOL would have required some intervention on my part to keep things moving. Qmail handled the backlog very gracefully, didn't tie up too many of my "remote" servers at once trying to deliver the undeliverables, continued to process non-AOL mail with great dispatch, and cleared the backlog without any big load excursions once the site became available... It's nice when things don't require manual intervention all the time.'' Jeff Hayward

``Let me add my voice to the chorus praising qmail; it is simply far better than any other Unix MTA I've played with.'' Tim Goodwin