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Workshop on RFID and Lightweight Crypto

Location Information

The workshop takes place at Graz University of Technology in the Aula:

Address: Plan of the building
Rechbauerstraße 12, 8010 Graz, Austria
Alte Technik; 1. Floor
Room number: AT01002

How to Reach the Workshop Location

By Aeroplane

The airport is located in the south of Graz. It is about 10 kilometers from the center of the town. Although there is a bus from the airport which leads you to the Graz main station (Hauptbahnhof) [and from there you could proceed as described below], the most obvious choice is to use a taxi. The fare should be about 15 €.

By Train
Leave the train at Graz main station (Graz Hauptbahnhof) and change to the tram line #6 (marked "Schulzentrum St. Peter"); exit the tram at the station ‘Dietrichsteinplatz’ and walk about 5 minutes (Sparbersbachgasse) to the TU Graz campus.
By Car
Take exit "Graz-Ost" from highway A2 ("Südautobahn"). Stay on the feeder road until you reach the first traffic light (approx. 2 km). Turn right into "Münzgrabenstrasse" until you reach “Dietrichsteinplatz” (right); then turn left into "Sparbersbachgasse". Follow "Sparbersbachgasse" until you reach "Technikerstraße".
You can easily get a detailed journey description using one of the well known route planers available on the Internet.

About Graz (detailed map)

Graz is the capital city of the province Styria (Steiermark) in the southeast of Austria. With 250.000 inhabitants, Graz is Austria's second largest city. The old Town of Graz is one of the best preserved cities in Europe and was awarded World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1999.
In 2003, Graz was the Cultural Capital of Europe.

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