Computational Number TheoryWorkshop
as part of FoCM'05

July 7-9, 2005

University of Cantabria
Santander, Spain

Organizers: A. Lauder (Oxford), J. Pila (McGill)

Now open for registration: from link below

This workshop is one of 21 workshops associated with FoCM'05, Santander.
The dates of FoCM are June 30 to July 9: our workshop is in the third period.
We anticipate approximately 15 talks, to be held in the afternoons. Plenary conference talks take place in the mornings; the plenary speaker associated with our workshop is Jan Denef (July 8, 9:00-10:00).

Please contact the organizers (,
if you are interested in attending and/or speaking.

We are unfortunately unable to offer any financial support to attendees; indeed there is a registration fee of  USD200. This is for the whole conference; other workshops (e.g. in computational algebraic geometry (in the first period: June 30-2 July) or random matrix theory (in the second period: 4-6 July)) may also be of interest to participants.

Schedule of talks (please see schedule on main conference website for more details):

July 7, 2005
13:50-14:35: Frederik Vercauteren - The discrete logarithm problem on algebraic tori
14:40-15:25: Steven D. Galbraith (semiplenary) - Applications of pairings in cryptography
Tea break
16:00-16:45: Alan Lauder - Effective p-adic estimates in rigid cohomology
16:50-17:35: Joe Suzuki - Generalising Kedlaya's order counting based on Miura theory
17:50-18:15: Hendrik Hubrechts - Deformation and the cohomology of Monsky-Washnitzer

July 8, 2005
13:50-14:35: Neeraj Kayal - Solvability of a system of polynomial equations over a finite field
14:40-15:25: M. Angeles Gomez Molleda - Explicit determination of the dihedral Galois group of irreducible polynomials
Tea break
16:00-16:45: Daniel J. Bernstein (semiplenary) - Integer factorization: a progress report
16:50-17:35: Gweltaz Chatel - Towards counting points using rigid cohomology with compact support

July 9, 2005
14:40-15:25: Omar Kihel - Perfect powers having equal digits but one
Tea break
16:00-16:45: Michael Rubinstein - Computing with L-functions associated to Hecke eigenforms
16:50-17:35: Rasa Slezeviciene and Jorn Steuding (semiplenary) - The Riemann zeta-functions: an atlas of the real world