D. J. Bernstein
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How to install Zmodexp

Like any other piece of software (and information generally), Zmodexp comes with NO WARRANTY.

System requirements

Zmodexp is supported only under UNIX.

Zmodexp 0.51 requires an x86 chip such as the Pentium.


Download the Zmodexp package. The latest published Zmodexp package is zmodexp-0.51.tar.gz.

Unpack the Zmodexp package:

     gunzip zmodexp-0.51.tar
     tar -xf zmodexp-0.51.tar
     cd zmodexp-0.51

Compile the Zmodexp library and test programs:



Check a bunch of 3200-bit powers modulo 512-bit numbers:
     ./accuracy | md5
Note that the accuracy program can take a few minutes to run. The correct MD5 result is shown in accuracy.md5. If you have pari installed, you can replace md5 with gp; gp will check the computations (taking much longer than accuracy, of course) and print a bunch of zeros.

See how fast some basic computations are:


To report success:

     ( echo 'First M. Last'; cat VERSION systype conf-cc; ./speed ) \
     | mail djb-qst@cr.yp.to
Replace First M. Last with your name.