D. J. Bernstein
Internet mail
Frequently asked questions

Controlling the appearance of outgoing messages

How do I set up user masquerading? I'd like my own From lines to show "The Boss" <boss@af.mil> rather than god@heaven.af.mil.

Answer: Add MAILHOST=af.mil, MAILUSER=boss, and MAILNAME='The Boss' to your environment.

To override From lines supplied by your MUA, add QMAILINJECT=f to your environment.

How do I set up host masquerading? All the users on this host, zippy.af.mil, are users on af.mil. When joe sends a message to fred, the message should say
     From: joe@af.mil
     To: fred@af.mil
without zippy anywhere.


     echo af.mil > /var/qmail/control/defaulthost
     chmod 644 /var/qmail/control/defaulthost

How do I set up Mail-Followup-To automatically? I'd like to include
     Mail-Followup-To: sos@heaven.af.mil
when I send a message to the sos@heaven.af.mil mailing list.

Answer: Add QMAILMFTFILE=$HOME/.lists to your environment, and put sos@heaven.af.mil into $HOME/.lists.