D. J. Bernstein

Fighting patents

Dear Ms. Tarzian
US patent 4200770, Hellman Diffie Merkle, public-key cryptography
US patent 4964164, Fiat, batch RSA signing
US patent 4995082, Schnorr, short signatures
US patent 5159632, Crandall, elliptic-curve cryptography
US patent 5222140, Beller Chang Yacobi, session keys
US patent 5271061, Crandall, elliptic-curve cryptography
US patent 5299262, Brickell Gordon McCurley, exponentiation
US patent 5347581, Naccache M'Raihi, DSS batch verification
US patent 5463690, Crandall, elliptic-curve cryptography
US patent 5673318, Bellare Guerin Rogaway, message authentication
US patent 5848159, Collins Hopkins Langford Sabin, RSA with several primes
US patent 5999627, Lee Lim, exponentiation
US patent 6012061, Sharma, deletion in Patricia trees
US patent 6141420, Vanstone Mullin Agnew, elliptic-curve cryptography
US patent 6185681, Zizzi, file encryption
US patent 7774607, Ferguson, signature verification
US patent 7929688, Yamamichi Futa Ohmori Tatebayashi, NTRU without decryption failures
US patent 8045705, Antipa Poeluev, double-scalar multiplication
US patent 8218760, Joye, compressed RSA keys
US patent 8284930, Antipa Poeluev, double-scalar multiplication

Preliminary list of patents and patent applications mentioned in NIST PQC submissions:

Plus a few patents that don't seem to cover anything: