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Frequently asked questions
The DNScache security guarantee

How to install DNScache
Information for distributors
User's guide to name qualification

Notes on the Domain Name System
DNS forgery
Third-party DNS service
Special DNS names
Other DNS software

DNS lookup tools
The dnsfilter program

The dnscache-conf program
The dnscache program

The tinydns-conf program
The tinydns program
The tinydns-data program

The pickdns-conf program
The pickdns program
The pickdns-data program

The walldns-conf program
The walldns program

The rbldns-conf program
The rbldns program
The rbldns-data program

The axfrdns-conf program
The axfrdns program
The axfr-get program

The dns library interface
The dns_domain library interface
The dns_packet library interface
The dns_transmit library interface
The dns_random library interface

DNScache is discussed on the dns mailing list.

What is it?

DNScache is a collection of Domain Name System tools. It includes several components: