We have set aside a number of rooms on a first-come first-serve basis at two hotels close to the conference site. To get the prices listed below include the respective quotations when making your reservation.
Please check the hotels' reservation and credit card policies. They may charge the card at th time of booking.

Hotel Median ***
Boulevard Victor
75015 Paris XV
Single/Double: 98/120 EUR (buffet breakfast included)
Phone: (+33)1/40 60 16 16
Fax: (+33)1/40 60 03 40
We have an option on these rooms till 04.02.2005 but we suggest that you go ahead with the reservation quickly. To get these prices mention the reference number 14 12 44

Hotel Sofitel ****
8 rue Louis Armand
75015 Paris XV
Single/Double: 178/178 EUR (buffet breakfast available for 24 EUR/person)
Phone: (+33)1/40 60 33 44
Fax: (+33)1/40 60 30 10

To book this hotel on the special rate you need to fill in this form. The rooms are set aside till 05.02.2005.

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